life happened.

the frenzy of a gala night has mellowed down but most of them are still drinking now back at the bar. it’s 1.30am. carlo and i called it a night and im now in bed recalling the events (and posting them online).

from left: me, carlo fajarda (suwerte short film director), carlo (prod design), martin (bts), ronald arguelles (festival director and executive producer), patti lapus (line producer), fatrick tabada and rae red (directors and screenplay), davinci (onset editor)

it’s been a crazy ride from preprod to premiere night but we made it and the audience reaction was awesome. some things you can’t really plan and the laughter in the theater means somewhere in your youth or childhood, you must have done something good.

hope this film finds its audience and fast! reviews on twitter has been amazing and encouraging. congrats fatrick and rae!


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