a load of laundry for almost 6 hours? 

loving my new front load automatic washing i got for 50% off when abenson in greenbelt just this december. i no longer have an excuse to an unattended laundry since the machine can do all the way to cupboard dry! if only it could answer my emails, too. 

working out the settings since i dont need that too long a wash cycle for normal laundry and maybe i should cut down the rinse cycle for my linens. the spin cycle is awesome at 1400 rpm. and the tumble dry feature is a real life saver. 

this is me with the washing machine. comic strip from adamandandy.com


wherein we were being educated at the war museum

benjamin padero 20130218padero cambodia--19.jpg

the war museum in siem reap, cambodia, was nothing like the one in ho chi minh in vietnam. it looked like some plantation grove from outside and one could see it was really a war tank graveyard once you get in.

benjamin padero 20130218padero cambodia--14.jpg

benjamin padero 20130218padero cambodia-113552.jpg

we were met at the entrance by a middle-aged man with a slight limp. he introduced himself as rottana (pronounced rotna) and explained he will be our tour guide. he asked us if we knew about the history of cambodia and clearly we knew very little so he started to explain about his country’s travails much better than any history book would.

benjamin padero 20130218padero cambodia-115806.jpg

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