it is 3:22 in the morning, hope it’s all right with y’all there.  im just ranting here and speaking of rantings, check out cuzin toots’ updated website.  with a little help she was able to fix up her website in a few days.  id say that’s pretty good work.  i really dont have time to finish up things plus the guilt trip that my school work will be set aside if i start working on my site.  which is more important?  the world’s future hangs in a balance as i ponder on the best possible action to take.  as i think and think and think i hear my stomach growling.  inspired by the tao of pooh, when your tummy growls it means it’s time for you to eat.  and so i go boil some water for instant pancit canton.  as i go the world crashes into oblivion….


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