it is 4 minutes after my last entry and im still wide awake. perhaps i should just watch the 2nd disc of casablanca. i started watching it two days ago and havent finished it. i borrowed that disc from jm about a week ago. i still have american history x, frequency, and the whole nine yards queued up for screening. unfortunately ive been too lazy (as ive expounded in the previous entry) to watch them. at least i was productive today: excited to do our lord of the rings photo shoot i left the house this morning with all sorts of clothing and my camera paraphernalia stuffed in my gigantic duffel bag only to find out later on that my other groupmates werent prepared for it. fine, i say. anyway i finally got to finish the first book today and saw the movie for the 3rd time two days ago. now i can get on with my life!

ill resume storyboarding this book we’re trying to do, and reading up alamat’s stone the awakening to learn more of the finer stuff of philippine literature. then ill be meeting the guys to finalize details of these two huge projects and i have to detail my life for the next two months coz it’s gonna be one heck of a time. it is 3:35, maybe ill just finish casablanca now. id probably be done in an hour’s time.

later in the morning morning i have to wake up ta tems at 5:30, meanwhile ill go back to sleep and get up for a counselling seminar at 9:30. choir practice is at 1-3, which i might be missing due to the aforementioned seminar, oldies meeting at 6 to 9, then attend a debut birthday party at cravings wherein the invitation stated it starts at 6 thus id be missing out the food and games at the beginning. dang!

anyway, happy birthday socs, even if i know you wouldnt probably get to read this coz only cuzin edge surfs through my site and is aware of any changes to it. besides i didnt really announce to people ive been writing up on it in the first place. do i have to? question is, do i want to? to be or not to be, that is the question, whether tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows… arrows… bow… legolas… frodo… ring… lord… ayan na naman!!! stop, benjamin! i have passed the test. i will diminish and go to the west, and remain… bentoy


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