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van gogh is bipolar-1

carlo and i found ourselves in van gogh is bipolar again. totally unplanned visit, we were in the area and decided to visit jetro and listen to tales of his recent trip to india, mongolia and the himalayas before his service starts at 6pm. apparently it’s been a year (ed- apparently it was dec 2011 as seen here) since we saw him because the cabinets from his shop in alabama is now in the resto since january last year.

van gogh is bipolar-2

van gogh is bipolar-3

van gogh is bipolar-4

carlo poses wearing the cute, tentacled hat jetro bought in mongolia. the paintings elicit a very dark mood but jetro swears he was at his happiest when he was painting these.

van gogh is bipolar-6

a gorgeous brass teapot from mongolia. or was it from the himalayas? the motorcycle beside it was created out of paper by jetro’s nephew, who was helping in the kitchen that night. i suppose the other cycle is a work of his nephew as well.

van gogh is bipolar-7

a chestnut from china. looks like a horned devil hehehe

van gogh is bipolar-8

van gogh is bipolar-9

miniatures by robert alejandro! 😉

van gogh is bipolar-10

van gogh is bipolar-11

van gogh is bipolar-12

van gogh is bipolar-15

van gogh is bipolar-16

van gogh is bipolar-17

take a break from your stressful existence. the universe conspires to have you as a guest here. have a cup of tea and celebrate a very merry unbirthday to you

van gogh is bipolar-18

animals love to lie on my bag

van gogh is bipolar-19

van gogh is bipolar-20

my minnie mouse ribbon and me 😉

van gogh is bipolar-22

offered to take a photo of jetro and his mom, who dropped by that afternoon

van gogh is bipolar-23

van gogh is bipolar-24

my most awesomest plate. chose the chill dish, a meat-based dish, because i always order the fish-based one. this is lamb on a bed of mashed potatoes and a forest of herbs. love love love this. carlo ordered the fish with 3 chocolate hill looking black rice.

van gogh is bipolar-25

the other table ordered the 4 course set and this was part of their meal. the cabbage leaves are used to wrap stuff around with. dip in the sauce and eat with your hands. the dried fish look like feathers.

van gogh is bipolar-26

the last time we were here, jagermeister was served with mel gibson’s darkest sin. this time, jetro opts to serve van gogh and loutrec’s favorite liquor, absinthe. green fairy, cast your spell on me.  we spiked the chocolate with cayenne pepper.

van gogh is bipolar-27

so happy to see jetro again and to serve as guest gigolos for the night. here’s his appetizers, which we also tried. catherine zeta-jones’s luscious mouth is made of egg, caviar and a piece of sun-dried tomato. woooh!

van gogh is bipolar-28

van gogh is bipolar-29

van gogh is bipolar-31

time to hang up our aprons and go back into the world. but a photo op before we leave. so long, and thanks for the fish.

van gogh is bipolar-32


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