laundry therapy, musings

social media fatigue syndrome

im tired. emotionally, spiritually, physically, creatively. and social media is white noise, loud and empty. yesterday, i deactivated my facebook account. in times when im in this conflicted restless anxious state, i get off facebook and keep only twitter and my blog for sending out smoke signals when i need to. i tried to deactivate my instagram but there was only a delete option. without batting an eyelash, i went for the delete. no more instagram. my avoidance of the greater watering hole of online society tends to go for only a few days. i do hope i get revived faster than usual. i make no promises. what do they say about wizards again?

totally unrelated photo of ET being “bathed” by steven spielberg. cheers and have a happy, fruitful life. go read a book or something.


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