a week na

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posted this a week ago on twitter. so far i think ive been productive in other things, including upping my game levels in the mobile x-men battle of the atom game hehehe and ive caught up on the all new x-men title with the time-displaced original x-men. it’s like reuniting with your favorite uncles in their teenage forms, including vintage costuming. suspension of disbelief helps here. the time and space continuum in the comics is just shit like the continuity in GLEE, including the ages of its actual actors. for the x-men, as long as cyclops continue to brood, im fine.



cyclops still does it for me, especially his current older self with the kick-ass costume. theyve already killed off professor x and wolverine. jean grey is currently dead and her younger self is dealing with her developing powers and all the convoluted events in her “future” and killing off an entire galaxy as the dark phoenix. younger cyclops has gone off to join his father out in space (and this runs off in another title) and corsair is constantly featured topless. ive no qualms about that obviously. equality for all. chos.


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hopefully the next step is to actually pick up a book and be committed to read it. ive so many books in my college that ive never actually gotten to read (or have started and never finish) and is just cultivating mold in boxes in my room (and sometimes used as props for tvc shoots). hello gabriel, i missed you. i might actually get to pick this up again and finish it. pray for me.


another week off facebook and all other social media forms of distractions. tomorrow ill see how far i can stay away from twitter as it is currently my only connection to any form of national news, aside from the regular doses of online rants from friends, witty quips, and the occasional naked pics.

cheers and more later.


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