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years ago, i studied to get a degree in architecture. while it didnt work out and i eventually shifted to fine arts, there were things i wont forget learning from my professors. apart from the study of aesthetics in building construction, i appreciated learning that architecture was also a study of the human form in relation to spaces around him with a dash of behavorial science.

fast forward to last thursday i went to the loo at a juju eats restaurant on pasong tamo extension in makati. as i stepped in i saw they’ve designed the toilet to have a mirror behind the water closet. for females who pee sitting down, this would be a non-issue. however, for a guy who now has to pee while looking at a reflection of himself and his dong doing number 1 in full glory, i find this odd and awkward. while i dont shy away from looking at my naked self in full body mirrors at home to dry off after taking a bath, i dont particularly feel the need to WATCH myself peeing.

don’t worry, im not posting a photo of me peeing. some people may get off on those kinds of thing but i wont indulge you. here is bathroom number 1 (which i also posted on facebook).


id like to understand why designers resort to this. thing is, that very same day, i walked across the street and entered the building where i was supposed to have my meeting and eventually had to pee again and here is the cubicle at the men’s toilet. hola!


when my meetings were done there, i transferred to another building on the other side of pasong tamo to have a meeting with my directors. having had another round of drinks, i again headed for the john. lo and behold.


this was not the first time id encounter this kind of design for toilets. another restaurant in san juan had mirrors all over so you not only watch yourself frontal but also from the side. is this a thing now? it cant merely be an attempt to multi-task and check your hair while peeing or see if you having something between your teeth while holding your schlong. is this an oversight by female designers or the result of a dont-care attitude by male designers? is someone secretly narcissist and insisted on this design yet it has been replicated many times over hence an acceptable nature of people i never knew about? design, in fact, serves people’s needs so the bathrooms are a reflection of some fetishist necessity in human society. i could be overthinking this but it could also be a bad design trend. thoughts?



sure im off facebook. i do have a new game app addiction though. i went through farmville and pvz years back. it’s been a while since i got hooked on a game (my last one was pocket planes). my new addiction would be x-men’s battle of the atom game app on iOS and android. ive been playing for a month+ now and it’s enough to drive carlo insane about my playing hours 😉


it’s like the card games in the 90s except everything is virtual. you evolve cards to make it stronger but unlike real cards that wont change color or power levels, your virtual cards change looks as well. you play with teams composed of strangers from different parts of the globe and battle with still other strangers every 4 hours of the day for 30 minutes. i havent played any of the card strategy games for real so this is all new to me and im loving it!


ive a long way to go compared to teammates who have hit above level 200s and have card decks with attack levels in 6 digits. i just got invited to join a team that’s ranked top 12 in the game so im stoked. they go as far as having a chat group to discuss strategies and all that jazz and be a real team. it’s kinda what i was hoping for in my previous team. there was promise but the leaders never delivered hence i jumped ship. i actually learned more chatting with a member from the new team in one sitting than the whole time i stayed with my old team. let’s see how far i can take my cards now. to battle!


pick up


above is a photo of me and a mural found at haji lane in singapore. carlo and i had to go see this awesome street with curio shops but we were in a hurry and didnt have time to stop and make purchases. i did wish we could have stayed longer.

i finally deactivated my twitter a few days ago. i almost didnt go through with it because i thought id miss out too much on the world’s news. i have about a month before my account gets permanently deleted so i hope i dont forget to reactivate.

during the previous day’s shoot for regal film’s shake rattle & roll XV episode 2, i weaned myself from reading comics (as ive finished upto the last recent issues of the x-men, the walking dead, the massive, and saga) and finally started to read an e-book version of “hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.” i found it easier to read white letters against a black background (perhaps due to my slight astigmatism) and i learned i could go longer without my eyes hurting.

this morning, i was going through my storage boxes in search of piano music sheets for use as props in a shoot tomorrow and i came across my unread books. i pulled out my copy of gabriel garcia marquez’s love in the time of cholera (didnt finish this in college) and started to reread it during lunch while waiting for jollibee delivery. i do miss reading and without the distractions of social media, i might actually finish this book finally, along with hitchhiker’s guide. finally. so help me God.


a week na

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.56.48 AM

posted this a week ago on twitter. so far i think ive been productive in other things, including upping my game levels in the mobile x-men battle of the atom game hehehe and ive caught up on the all new x-men title with the time-displaced original x-men. it’s like reuniting with your favorite uncles in their teenage forms, including vintage costuming. suspension of disbelief helps here. the time and space continuum in the comics is just shit like the continuity in GLEE, including the ages of its actual actors. for the x-men, as long as cyclops continue to brood, im fine.



cyclops still does it for me, especially his current older self with the kick-ass costume. theyve already killed off professor x and wolverine. jean grey is currently dead and her younger self is dealing with her developing powers and all the convoluted events in her “future” and killing off an entire galaxy as the dark phoenix. younger cyclops has gone off to join his father out in space (and this runs off in another title) and corsair is constantly featured topless. ive no qualms about that obviously. equality for all. chos.


Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.57.02 AM

hopefully the next step is to actually pick up a book and be committed to read it. ive so many books in my college that ive never actually gotten to read (or have started and never finish) and is just cultivating mold in boxes in my room (and sometimes used as props for tvc shoots). hello gabriel, i missed you. i might actually get to pick this up again and finish it. pray for me.


another week off facebook and all other social media forms of distractions. tomorrow ill see how far i can stay away from twitter as it is currently my only connection to any form of national news, aside from the regular doses of online rants from friends, witty quips, and the occasional naked pics.

cheers and more later.

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60s love on the x-men

i was excited when teaser clips of this film were circulated.  what’s not to love? a younger batch of x-men in the 60s? it’s like porn. and rightly so, with the magnetic chemistry and undeniable bromance between professor charles x xavier and erik lehnsherr, played by james mcavoy and michael fassbender.

this may be the best x-men film out there for me. the pacing was right and fassbenber’s performance is just killer. he owned the film actually.  online reviews reflect a more mixed feedback but im all for this film. weak link was probably january jones, playing the white queen, because she doesnt seem to know how to act.  she always had this blank stare and looked like she’s eternally bored and it’s not a very convincing bored look in the first place!


but the biggest selling point for me with this film is the 60s look. i thought it was an obvious route for director matthew vaughn to take this movie to that era because he also did the 60s advertising tv series, mad men.  i apparently have mistaken him for matthew weiner haha.  vaughn, a totally different guy, produced lock stock and two smoking barrels with director guy ritchie (ex-mr.madonna) before he went on to direct stardust and kick-ass, among others.

credit for the gorgeous set design go to the production designer chris seagers and his team of art directors led by john king and dawn swiderski plus set decoration by erin boyd and sonja klaus. costume design is by sammy sheldon. i just love anything 60s-70s.  they’re so much fun to look at and do.  full info at  i do not take credit for the photos below.  details on the photos were taken from architectural digest.  im just a fan  🙂


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