pick up


above is a photo of me and a mural found at haji lane in singapore. carlo and i had to go see this awesome street with curio shops but we were in a hurry and didnt have time to stop and make purchases. i did wish we could have stayed longer.

i finally deactivated my twitter a few days ago. i almost didnt go through with it because i thought id miss out too much on the world’s news. i have about a month before my account gets permanently deleted so i hope i dont forget to reactivate.

during the previous day’s shoot for regal film’s shake rattle & roll XV episode 2, i weaned myself from reading comics (as ive finished upto the last recent issues of the x-men, the walking dead, the massive, and saga) and finally started to read an e-book version of “hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.” i found it easier to read white letters against a black background (perhaps due to my slight astigmatism) and i learned i could go longer without my eyes hurting.

this morning, i was going through my storage boxes in search of piano music sheets for use as props in a shoot tomorrow and i came across my unread books. i pulled out my copy of gabriel garcia marquez’s love in the time of cholera (didnt finish this in college) and started to reread it during lunch while waiting for jollibee delivery. i do miss reading and without the distractions of social media, i might actually finish this book finally, along with hitchhiker’s guide. finally. so help me God.


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