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charmee shoot


finally posting photos and video of the charmee shoot we did with sarah geronimo. prod design by me. costume design by carlo, tailoring by young fashion designer gerswin qua. carlo didnt disappoint as even sarah herself loved the costume and asked to keep them after the shoot. a week after, we saw her wear the boots on ASAP. the design process of any undertaking is not at all easy. im posting a few of the original set and costume sketches and pegs upto the final output. cheers!

behind the scenes vid of the shoot



backstage and concert stage pegs and set design. due to budget constraints, we had to simplify the stage by using less LED screen.

final approved costume design. ultimately, during the shoot, agency decided to do away with the white shirt in the last drawing but maintained the corset. although our pegs included a lot of madonna’s outfits, it was only after the shoot that we realized the final silver costume was reminiscent of madonna’s costume in her recent music video with justin timberlake, which wasnt in our original lineup of pegs.





sarah with my niece lea

the final cut. directed by direk mario sarmiento


3 thoughts on “charmee shoot

  1. talyn says:

    ben, beautiful tvc shot…..gigawas gyud ang imong artitistc talent and with this God-given gift, you will see places……..cheers and congratulations

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