art & design, filmmaking, interior design, set design

eq diaper shoot

new eq diaper shoot with vicky morales and her twin sons pipo and leon. this was a breeze to shoot, vicky is down to earth and a very gracious, generous woman. i enjoyed the final look of the set, i think it’s cute hehehe. here im posting some sketches and pegs of the set and costume design. tvc directed by joel lamangan (his first one). cinematog odie flores. prod design by me ! hehe yey!



costume pegs for vicky, including a picture of her in a reco top. set design and pegs

the set after dress-up. that’s buboy the setman squat on the floor. right pic is detail of the room lit up by cinematographer odie flores. that’s mochafrappe, the big bear in the corner. and tortoy on the couch. carlo worked on the stenciling on the lower part of the walls. cute detail


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