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happy enervon users

this series of tv ads just came out featuring celebrities michael v., carmina villaroel, and anne curtis. i had the pleasure of working with gian mawo, under straight shooters, and legendary producer dante nora with the over the moon ad agency on this campaign. the brief was originally a talking head against some chroma limbo background. the director, however, wanted to situate the tv personalities in their private spaces, some sort of comfort zone where they can easily take us on a journey to their past by way of pictures on walls or on albums, etc.  their personalities are reflected in that room, complementing the “interview” and the take aways of the photos. i especially loved bitoy’s set only because im partial to interiors with bare cement walls and i wouldnt mind living in that space.

these were the set pegs and the initial designs i prepared. we had to scale down bitoy’s set, making it more intimate.


set design for bitoy

set design for bitoy


set design for carmina

set design for carmina


set design for anne curtis

set design for anne curtis

i eventually reworked my sets into google sketchup nearing the construction phase. while the sets were all of the same dimensions, the sketchup output also served as a guide for my set decorator once we got to dressing up the rooms in the studio. btw, it was our first time shooting at the shooting gallery and wow, awesome studio.

proj spread bitoy copy

proj spread carmina with door panel

proj spread anne copy

the director and the creative team of the ad agency were generally happy with the sets so i was thrilled. it was tricky setting up bitoy’s photos as well as i had to configure the sizes of all photos prior to printing them on cintra boards. here is a screencap of the layout i made on a 10 feet x 20 feet wall. i had to eventually take out the photos that showed bitoy’s family as there were ad rules prohibiting us from doing so, i forgot what rule basta ayun.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 2.20.43 PM

and here are the full ads. woot woot!


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i love browsing through and see what’s up in contemporary interiors. im currently on the look out for inspiration pegs for a house i dream to build in the boondocks. the universe always advises me to plan ahead. not in connection to my dream house but inspiring just the same, here are awesome hotels recently featured in the website. wearstler! starck! gehry! get your mind blown away!

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project remote

love the set design i made for this meralco ad. this was actually a sequel to the butiki tvc meralco produced months before (see photo right).  director eric matti discussed with me that he wanted the living room to be textured, a bit like amelie (that french movie that rocked the world in 2001). of course considering that this is in the pinas, i figured we’d do amelie in balara. and what an exciting combination that was 😀

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balay ni marc jacobs

love the look of marc jacobs’ apartment in france. simple, very classic and rather masculine for a reknowned designer (one would probably expect an armani or versace kind of frivolous extravagance in fashion gods’ homes, which jacobs is not). and i love the playfulness of the photographs with marc jacobs in it. the apartment has a bit of retro furniture, which i currently am into, and evokes a mix french and manhattan-ish feel to it. i thought his house is intimate enough and stuff like this drives me mad wanting to eventually get our own place soon, one that we can dressup and design to our liking. especially since my list of wants for the home gets longer every time. hehehe

The Den: with Sean Lander’s Mr. Rabbit

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river office


cute office design! by japanese designer nendo, taking inspiration from the river, probably the meguro river in tokyo where the office is located. the design was meant to separate without isolating people going through the office, stepping in the lowest sagging portions of the walls to get through the other sections. things would appear to come out and ebb with the waves.


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eq diaper shoot


new eq diaper shoot with vicky morales and her twin sons pipo and leon. this was a breeze to shoot, vicky is down to earth and a very gracious, generous woman. i enjoyed the final look of the set, i think it’s cute hehehe. here im posting some sketches and pegs of the set and costume design. tvc directed by joel lamangan (his first one). cinematog odie flores. prod design by me ! hehe yey!

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roland emmerich’s apartment

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 12.57.18 PM.png

kulit ng bahay! haha chalkboard paint walls in the office, a lifesize wax statue of the pope under the stairs, a chess set featuring iraqi and american pieces (including oil barrels, saddam hussein, bush, the world trade center, and rambo). click here for slideshow

if you still dont know, roland emmerich is director of independence day, stargate and 10,000 bc. talk geek to me

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