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jollibee shoot

we shot a jollibee ad a few months ago for the new champ burger (1/3 pounds, bigger than a quarter pounder! haha). i asked the services of talented brothers carlo & angelo tabije to help paint a backdrop for the product.  they made me 2 8′x8′ panels in jollibee orange colors all in one afternoon. this commercial featured joem bascon eating burgers in the last 5 seconds of the ad. the photo above were those prepared for him to bite into. every take, they had to replace the burger with a new one.  after the shoot they were carted off… i dont know where. and i didnt even get to eat even a bit of bacon (from the bacon and cheese burger on their menu) 😦

angelo & carlo tabije with their backdrops

ako feeling

here’s joem bascon in one the clothes i got for him. we couldnt trim his hair because it was continuity for a show on the dos.  since he is currently modeling for folded and hung, he actually had the same jacket i bought for this project and in the same size. the shirt is penshoppe.
i got dozens of options for wardrobe of this shoot of course in the tv ad, we only get to see a wee bit of the collar and that’s it.  that’s the way the cookie crumbles. i hoped the jollibee mascot was part of this tvc and i was disappointed. perhaps another time, jolli-bee.  another time.  cheers!


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