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nescafe ceremony shoot

worked on the new nescafe bodypartner commercial with the wu shu-ing, crouching tigering around the bamboo forest. had fun building the bamboo forest though i loved how it looked when the bamboo still had leaves, it looked like a set for theater. had a wild time with the shoot and im happy how the ad turned out. im posting also the final tvc here


posting some pegs and the set design for this ad. basic inspiration of the bamboo grove is obviously chinese (or was it japanese?), as bamboo here in the philippines dont grow like the ones in crouching tiger hidden dragon or house of flying daggers.

here are pics of the set when it had leaves and havent been landscaped yet. when we were done, i felt like i was in the forest where E.T. ran to go back to ride his big ornament of a spaceship. i could hear john williams’ fanfare go in its crescendo.Β  kulang nalang bisikleta. astig




6 thoughts on “nescafe ceremony shoot

  1. didn’t watch the ad the first time i saw it because of the house of flying daggers set rip. hehe. no offense. pero i’m amazed that the set is doable here in the country. but the coffee trying to compete with tea by having tea properties is just so desperate. they should have just stuck with the fact that coffee has more antioxidants. im not much of a coffee and tea drinker, but i like them being as is. grabeh na talaga ang marketing ngayon. agawan na talaga. pati ang globe and smart, obvious bang natatalo na talaga sila sa internet hehehe. daming thoughts, daming thoughts! miss you ben!

  2. haha mukhang kulang ka lang ng inom para mailabas lahat ng gustong sabihin! tara, kape! hahaha πŸ˜€ missyoutoo girl. the coffee with tea extracts would probably appeal to the guys who go to fitness first, health buffs and all. whatever, i havent tried the coffee but i hear it’s good so it may be worth it πŸ˜€

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