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random drawing luna 201404XX

while doing research and working out the production design for the feature film, heneral luna, i got inspired by a scene from the script and decided to draw a sketch with antonio luna lost in thought playing his guitar and is about to be interrupted by his mother at the door. sketch is obviously unfinished but up to today i dont have the heart to finish it.

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random drawing

drew a kitchen set design that was eventually cut out from the director’s treatment of that particular tv commercial project. playing on blacks and neutral colors (cappuccino maybe) and brushed aluminum steel for the appliances, plus bright vintage acrylic lamps in orange for a pop of color.

in reality i wouldnt put the oven right next to the refrigerator but sometimes for a commercial, one has to employ creative license and in a second or two, establish the whole kitchen in a wide shot and in the succeeding frame show why the oven had to be positioned at the back of the talent standing behind the counter.

posting that drawing here. drawn via app on the ipad using paper by 53.




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what next year holds for me


the sequel


we shot a sequel to a rather successful ad by pldt on location in laguna around july this year. it was a pretty, american style subdivision showroom with shingles, gables and was painted a quaint “Far-Away blue” color. it had a porch swing and an attic. i had to change most of the furniture as it was too “shabby-chic” for the tvc.

i did this sketch a little after breakfast and only got to coloring it yesterday. i do remember direk henry was wearing an orange jacket that morning although now im not exactly sure if that were so.