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expert lagundi

this is a super delayed blog post, especially since the tvc has almost stopped airing.

benjamin padero 20111024expert-0072.jpg

worked with direk lyle sacris and cinematographer j.a. tadena on this tvc for ritemed lagundi (production house abracadabra, agency mccann worldwide). the requirement was to setup for 4 different period vignettes for a 1-day shoot. 2 of the vignettes were aided with CG backgrounds but i still had to setup a forest floor for my china set and some elements for the UP manila part. the thailand and europe vignettes were full studio dressups, the latter being the most challenging in terms of proppings.


sketched this forest scene (above) to give clients an idea of what i would be setting up (below).

benjamin padero 20111024expert-0001.jpg

here, our chinese actor (below) is putting a lagundi plant into one of tita tem’s old baskets i pulled out from our living room.

benjamin padero 20111024expert-0049.jpg

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revicon shoot


shoot of one of revicon’s TVCs featuring robin padilla mid february 2008. heard a lot of comments re robin’s shorts from local viewers. many didnt realize this is muay-style, that’s why its leg opening is a bit larger than usual. carlo and i opted to use alibata for his muay shorts instead of the traditional thai text. robin was thrilled we decided to do that. script reads pa-di-ya or padilla. there are no L’s in the alibata.

director is torts villacorta for abracadabra. cinematographer boy yniguez. production designers peter collias (scenic designer for moulin rouge) and benjamin padero (umm, masahista?). worked with peter before in a german beer regional ad for china. cool guy.

the final cut

setup in binondo. love the effect of the big windows,with light from the 12K HMIs streaming in over the banana bags





ben what are you doing?

benjamin padero-1709.jpg
ben (in a boxing mask), former movie villain val iglesia, peter colias and carlo